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This is very good, great job! :D

Why, thank you very much!

My boss liked it! Phew, it's tough out there for movie reviewers huh?

Criticism ain't always easy!

FYI, I did a Let's Play (of sorts) of this game:

Oh my god dude, that is way too cool! Thanks so much for playing, sorry it glitched out on you at the end. Still trying to debug that.

Best game I've seen on Easily.

That is far too kind of you, thank you.

You are very much welcome.

This is brilliant. I didn't get fired, so that's cool, lmao

Thanks so much for playing!

thank YOU for making it!

very clever writing, although i can't seem to prevent myself from getting fired. i guess writing movie reviews is harder than i thought!

I really appreciate the kinds words, thank you!